Monat: Januar 2008

  • Ugly Baby

    thanks volker

  • Don´t try this at home

  • Ei-Pott

    Nachdem ich nun keinen Schritt weiter bin bei der Apfel-Frage schickt mir Marco endlich die Lösung. Ich glaub, ich nehm dann die 6-Eier-Version. Danke 😉

  • Good bye Lotusphere

    So this was a week packed with lots of information. Wow. As always it was worth the money, and as always the most important thing was … talking. Talking to the developers in the labs, talking to the IBM reps, talking to other business partners. This has always been the number one reason traveling to…

  • Lotus Nano

    via Ed Brill, order here. No, I still don´t know how to spent my money in the Apple Store 😉

  • Apple does not make me happy

    Apple does not make me happy. Apple Stores everywhere. In New York I was forced to visit the new store on 5th Avenue. Dark forces made me playing around with MacBooks, iPhones and iPods. As I were ready to give up and wanted to buy an MacBook Air, they could not deliver. Then they told…

  • Notes and Domino 8.01 and beyond

    Wanted to blog about all the new features in Notes and Domino 8.0.1 and 8.5, but I need some time to sort it all out. I said I was a little bit disappointed after the opening session. But the next two days it became clear there is so much new stuff, they could not present…

  • Some thought about the foundations for the blue house

    I still do not have a clear view on the directions IBM will go with Lotus Foundation and Lotus Bluehouse. From an IBM Business Partner perspective I have to ask myself: How can I make money with that? The target market for Lotus Foundations serverproducts will be the small sized company, under 500 seats, more…

  • The Lotus Unified Communication Keynote

    This morning I visited the UC2 keynote, the Lotus Unified Communication Team private Opening General Session 😉 I loved the things I heard yesterday about the unified communication strategy, and after this mornings session I am convinced to further invest our work in the Sametime platform. So what did I learn today: First: It´s Lotus…

  • Its time for your own car