Good bye Lotusphere

So this was a week packed with lots of information. Wow. As always it was worth the money, and as always the most important thing was … talking. Talking to the developers in the labs, talking to the IBM reps, talking to other business partners. This has always been the number one reason traveling to Orlando. Of course the sessions are very important, and after Business Develpement Day on sunday the first two days are packed. But on tuesday afternoon the networking part begins. Most important to me my visits in the innovation lab. I was very impressed about SONAR, which collects social network data from public sources. I liked the idea of Spectacular, a social feed reader. I need OrgMaps tomorrow for a current project 😉 And of course Atlas which would be great to see in the upcoming Lotus Connections release. But I fear it will be hard to get my customers workers union to accept crawling personal mailboxes for visualizing social networks and finding experts.

Most of the things I saw in the labs I have seen before at other so called Web 2.0 services, some of the solutions look exactly like Facebook or XING, but nobody of my customers would use these services internally to gain more productivity and organizational efficiency. So it is the right way to build this stuff into the new social software tools from Lotus – and have it integrated in the flagship product I work every day with: Lotus Notes 8.

Lotus Notes 8.0.1 is about to ship soon. I will be happy to see the official Quickr plugin in my sidebar, MyWidgets and LiveText support (a big deal, I think), some other really necessary new features I waited so long for that will make my life easier, official Citrix and Ubuntu support and the new visualization and federation features I saw in the demos.

I will be happy to have a look at Lotus Traveler – even if I am not a big fan of Windows Mobile. But I heard the Lotus Traveler team is working on the Symbian client – at least if Brent Peters lets them work on this thing. Maybe partners like iAnywhere and Nokia will not like that because they sell that stuff and Lotus Traveler comes for free. Some other vendors will not be happy too: With 8.0.1 there is a new compression algorythm for compressing documents and attachments. No good news for Safe-Lots-Of-Bucks-By-Using-ZIP-XYZ-Mafia 😉

On the Domino side I learned that Lotus Domino 8.5 will be the biggest release since Version 6. A new ID Management (no password needed using Windows authentification , replaceable Domino directory with other LDAP dirs, Domino Configuration Tuner, central Notes ID vault to store ID files (I know some admins that will love it) and the Domino Attachment and Object Store DAOS – which some will probably not like… and so much more.

I left Lotusphere now shortly after the famous „Ask the Developers“ session. Bob did not ask the first question 😉 Looking at all the bloggers and twitterers out there, I don´t need to say anything. LiveBlogging with exact transcript of many sessions everyhwere (OGS, Sametime Keynotes,…), a transcript of the Blogger Q&A (btw there should be a podcast of that session?) and the LiveTwitter from the Developers Q&A are available.

So next Lotusphere will be Janury 18th to 22nd. maybe with even more blogging, twittering, flickering and more coverage. Hope to meet everybody then again.

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