Apple does not make me happy

Apple does not make me happy. Apple Stores everywhere. In New York I was forced to visit the new store on 5th Avenue. Dark forces made me playing around with MacBooks, iPhones and iPods. As I were ready to give up and wanted to buy an MacBook Air, they could not deliver. Then they told me I will not be able to change the keyboard when I am back in Europe. What a hard life for me.

Then looking at the iPhone I don´t want. I really do not want it. In fact – I do not want an ATT or T-Mobile contracts. So I looked at the iPod touch. „This will not make you happy“ everybody says. 399$ for an iPhone, 399$ for an iPod Touch with 16 GB. „You will miss loudspeaker, you will miss data connection as soon as you are out of range of WLAN access, you will miss the camera,…“. So buy an iPhone? „You will miss your adress book sync, you will miss calendar entries, you will miss Notes mail sync, yadayadayada“. So buy an iPod Touch and stay with my Blackberry? Domino will not support the iPhone – yes, DWA on iPhone, but this does not make me happy. Then iAnywhere told me today they will support iPhone in the near future. So buy an iPhone?

Hey, nobody can imagine how it feels to choose between all this stuff. These are real problems I am facing. All the other problems I have are ridiculous compared to the inhuman torture Apple puts me on.

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