Monat: Januar 2007

  • Full House

    IBM says over 7000 people attend Lotusphere this year. This is a significant growth compared to 2006. Maybe IBM will have to split up the next opening session in 2008 like in the good old times when over 10.000 people attended Lotusphere 😉

  • Heureka

  • Cool Tools

    Lotusphere Opening Session is over, the Eagle has landed. Time to review the announcements. So it´s all about collaboration. It´s about connecting people and knowledge. Bringing together teams to work efficiently on projects. Help people becoming more productive, fighting the email flood and finding their ways throught the information djungel. Nothing realy new to the…

  • Lotusphere 2007 in Second Life

    Lotusphere in Second Life – fountainOriginally uploaded by ed brill. This is amazing. If you are not her live at Lotusphere, visit Lotusphere in Second Life. Come to the Dolphin virtually, or watch the Opening Session. Visit the Lotusphere Complex in Second Life ( 9/34/58/23/).

  • Lotus Notes 8 has landed

    In fact Lotus Notes 8 has not landed yet, it is arriving. But it has been named officially Lotus Notes 8 now. And public beta will start next month. But the man who realy landed at Lotusphere 2007 a few minutes ago is very special: Neil Armstrong, the man who first landed on the moon.…

  • 22 ounces

    Yesterday evening we were invited to Shula´s Steakhouse in the Dolphin Hotel. While the waiter offered his premium product, a 22 ounces cowboy peace of meat, we discussed if we realy should order it. The waiter estimated the 22 ounces to be approximatly 290 gramms, while other german analysts at the table estimated the 22…

  • Decisions

    It is strange if you have to decide: Should I stay at the beach or go to the pool. Right in the middle of January. Sun is shining, weather is great, people are happy. Welcome to Lotusphere.

  • Arrived

    Finally I made it. A little late, but I arrived safe and sound. This year for some reason I had a stop over in Milano, then headed to Atlanta. Flying over the alps with clear weather was great. Delta reps were unsual friendly these days, and food was great. Maybe because the catering company was…

  • Off to Atlanta

    On my way to Lotusphere now. With short stopover in Atlanta to visit old friends. See you at Lotusphere.

  • Promising

    And it´s T minus 3 days.