Finally I made it. A little late, but I arrived safe and sound. This year for some reason I had a stop over in Milano, then headed to Atlanta. Flying over the alps with clear weather was great. Delta reps were unsual friendly these days, and food was great. Maybe because the catering company was italian 😉

Had a very warm welcome in cold Atlanta with hot Mexican food and celebrating a great birthday party – thanks Rusty.

Then headed today at 6:00 a.m. to Orlando. Unfortunatly too late for the Business Development Day opening session. From what I have heard from other attendees everybody is realy excited. A streamlined product portfolio (Workplace, anyone?), Sametime 7.5 buzz and of course Lotus Notes 8. Some announcements around the Activities, Document Management and Task Management expected to hear tomorrow. And a strong focus on social software and Web 2.0 stuff that will find its way to the Lotus product portfolio.

Official numbers say there are much more attendees than in the last year. From what I can say Hotels were sold out much earlier than last year.

And I am here only for a few hours and ran into so many well known friends and colleagues. This shoud become a great week here at Lotusphere.

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