Vicious Cycle

One problem with Lotus Notes 8 and the Sametime Integration seems to be solved. Yesterday my geolocation settings appeared again. There is a simple user profile setting on the Sametime server side to enable geolocation support. Beta 3 did not check for that setting, the gold release does check it. So it was a matter of server administration, but there is still a question about licensing.

On Win32 this feature now works as designed. On Ubuntu it does not. Like in Notes 8 Beta 3 on Ubuntu entering the geolocation information throws an error messsage. „An has error occured. See error log for more details“.

OK, lets check the log. In my Notes 8 / Eclipse client settings logging was disabled. So I checked the box „enable logging“. And the message I got back is „An error has occured. See error log for more details“.


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