Trouble with Delta

I had a problem with my luggage on my flight to Orlando. Delta refused to pay the expenses when I talked to them on the phone. I wrote an e-mail, and never received an answer.

So I thought by myself: Just talk to the guys personally. I took the chance on Orlando airport right now. Again they told me there is no refund if the suitcase was returned within 24 hours to me.

I replied this is not very customer friendly And it seems to be wrong, too. Because there are different rules if you fly with an international ticket, I learned.

Anyway, this customer representative did not want to help me. There was no manager I could talk to. So I asked him where I can complain about this. He just gave me a paper and said:

„There is no refund. You signed that when you purchased the ticket. You can complain all the day long if you want. Just call this toll free number“

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