The Presidential Mask Election

Der Presidential Mask Election Predictor erinnert mich doch stark an eine andere sehr zuverlässige Methode, den zukünftigen Präsidenten der USA zu bestimmen: Einen Keks-Backwettbewerb der Präsidenten-Gattinnen – und den hat leider auch Kerry verloren.

What is the Presidential Mask Election Predictor? In 2000, due to the popularity of political masks, began publishing statistics on each Presidential Candidate’s mask sales. It was soon apparent that the mask sales were as good a resource as the polls being published by major national media groups. Seeing the similarities, then looked into some data on political mask sales in election years. Not only did they ask five different mask manufacturers, they also spoke with 12 national stores about their sales history all the way back to 1980. Their findings were astounding and right every time….

Year Winner Loser

1980 Reagan = 60% Carter = 40%

1984 Reagan = 68% Mondale = 32%

1988 Bush = 62% Dukakis = 38%

1992 Clinton = 41% Bush 39%

1996 Clinton = 56% Dole = 40%

2000 Bush = 57% Gore = 43%

With the 2004 Presidential Election campaigns underway, has once again produced the Original Presidential Mask Election Predictor to provide reporting on candidate masks sales. John Kerry is going ‚face to face‘ with George W., and this is the one source for accurate, national statistics as based on sales of their caricature masks. This poll can be accessed from and will show you up-to-the minute stats. Visit our Political Mask area to see all the other faces available! We did it in 2000, and we’ll do it again in 2004 – keep coming back for more info on who’ll be the next President of the United States of America!“

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