The Impact of SkypeIn and SkypeOut

After announcing the new SkypeIn and Voicemail Feature I found these thoughts about the impact of SkypeIn and SkypeOut:

Yesterday, I was trying to reach my sister in New Zealand. I left a message via SkypeOut. She called me back on the traditional landline. after five minutes I said „I’ll call you back.“ So SkypeOut and literally her comments were „Wow oh wow, that is so much clearer…“ I’d have to agree I could hear the difference. So I checked the change log and Skype claims improved voice quality. It certainly sounded better. I’ll have to have a few more similar experiences before I know it is guaranteed. Just note that when call quality all the time is better than the PSTN, it is simply dead.

OK, I know. Skype is proprietary, it does not support SIP, yes, I know. But it works like a charme and it is easy to use – unlike this clumsy SIPPS which I use for our internal VoIP Server. I am not a techie. I just want to use simple tools that work.

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