That went smooth!

Lotus Notes 8.5 / Ubuntu 8.04

That was easy. Installed Ubuntu 8.04 with English language support (German installation will let you not install the Lotus Notes 8.5 beta!). Solved my old 1920*1200 display issue: Ubuntu simple detected the screen and I have widescreen now. Happy User. Did not work with 7.10 and even after the upgrade to 8.04 I was not able to set resolution the right way.

Then installed Sun JRE 6, installed ttf-xfree86-nonfree, ran Lotus Notes 8.5 installation by executing from the installation directory as superuser. Done.

No hassle with „dash“ and „bash“, no separate Compiz installation necessary. All the headaches from my first „Notes on Ubuntu trials“ are gone. It simply worked.

And the best thing for me: calendar integration with Google Calendar on my Google Hosted App account worked immediatly.

Alexander is a happy camper now.

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