Tesla Amnesia

This is a post exclusively for Brenda. Brenda is part of the Tesla Family. We met Brenda in February 2019 in Fremont. We visited companies in the Silicon Valley, Apple, Google, Twitter and of course Tesla. Why Tesla? It all began back in March 2016 when we stood in line at Kurfürstendamm, Berlin, to place a order for the Tesla Model 3, one day before it was unveiled in Fremont.

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Finally we placed not one, but four reservations for a car that no-one has seen before. We believed in the companies mission to „accelerate the world´s transition to sustainable energy“ – and we wanted to be part of the e-mobility revolution. And we wanted to be first.

Three years later the Tesla Model 3 deliver process started in Europe. In the years between we had serious discussions over here with friends about the move to e-Mobility and had to argue a lot about our move to Tesla.

December 20st 2018 was the day we ultimatly placed our order right after the german order site opened. January 9th a call from Tesla announced delivery Mid of February, we tracked the first ship „Glovis Captian“ from San Francisco to Zeebrügge with the first few thousand Model 3 for Europe – and for us it was very clear: We will get our hands on the Model 3 right after the ship landed in Europe.

Exactly at this time we were invited by IBM to THINK2019 in San Francisco, and we took the chance to visit Tesla as well. You must know that only Tesla owners and Tesla reservation holders are allowed to see the factory. We hold a reservation, but we just drove by and we missed to reserve a factory tour slot. This is where Brenda entered the scene.

As she understood that we are „fanboy“ and „fangirl“ from Europe, early reservation holder and supporters, she just answered: „Hey, we are Tesla family“ and she made it possible to see the factory. We spent quiet some time there, had lunch with the workers, had the chance to drive the Model 3 the first time. Brenda gave us the feeling that we made this project of Elon Musk possible.

After our return to Germany the story turned. And it turned really really bad. Our car was not on the „Glovis Captain“ vessel. In fact, our car was even not build. Deliveries started in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – and we waited and waited. A first delivery date was cancelled a few days in advance. A second date: same. Mid of March we received papers, there was hope. But the car was still missing. Another four dates were canceled, in some cases 12 hours in advance. Nobody of Tesla Germany was available to talk, emails received no answers, phone calls ended on mailboxes. After the sixth cancellation I called a lawyer. I wanted to cancel the whole thing. I felt treated so bad as an early supporter.

And this is where Brenda showed up again. She cared about us as we were very important customers. But we did not order hundreds of cars, we orderd only one. And this is the secret of people taking care: They treat us like we expected to be treated. She tried everything, escalated things via US management, and she communicated with us. I don´t know if anything she did helped to get our car last Saturday. But it doesn´t matter. She cared.

So this is a big thank you to Brenda. Today we received this wonderful welcome package, it arrived with FedEx directly from Fremont. Thank you, dear Brenda, you did a tremendous job keeping us on board – and we will tell the story of the Tesla family.

A last word about the car: It is unbelievable great. Never ever had a car like this. I read a lot about quality problems, „Spaltmaße“, software problems. Our car arrived as expected, its such a pleasure to drive this car. So luckily we seem to suffer from Tesla Amnesia – we immediately forgot all the bad things we experienced the last weeks.

Thanks again Brenda. Brands like Tesla exist because there are poeple like you taking care.

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