Sync Lotus Notes Contacts with Social Networks

Syncing contacts with external adress books is still a mess with Lotus Notes – as it is with external calendars. XING provides a plugin that imports contacts into Lotus Notes Personal Adress Book, but these contacts will not stay synced. Other social networking site like LinkedIn or Plaxo don´t offer any service for Lotus Notes.

Today I was asked if we would like to test and sell ViCo for Lotus Notes which lets you sync your Personal Adress Book with multiple social networks simultaneously. It is early code, I had some troubles, but it seems to work good. It works with my Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo account. It synchronise contacts with your Personal Address Book, load multiple networks with a single request and merges contact details.

Unfortunatly they are not allowed to integrate XING, so at this point it is nearly useless for me and most of my customers – at least in Germany XING is the market leader. As I was told this is not a technical problem. So where exactly is the problem, XING?

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