Skype connection problem solved

I always had problems connecting to Skype via my company network, while at home Skype on the same Laptop connected immediatly. Some versions seemed to work well, some versions not. Sometimes reboot or restart of Skype helped.

But it was not Skype. It was XP SP2, which limited TCPIP connections to only 10 – beforeSP2 this number was unlimited. Obviously there is no way to change the setting in the registry. Now I found this tool at LvlLord. It patches the typip.sys and sets the maximum number of connections to 50.

Now Skype connects like a charm. And the best thing: All my Jyve problems are solved in the same way. Even I saw in my buddylist and was connected to Skype for hours, my status in my company network was always offline. Now it changes within minutes to the right status.

Note to myself: It is not always the third party tool.

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