Just attended the Press & Analyst briefing. Mick Moignard about Bob Picciano´s answer to the big question: what happened to DB2 support in Lotus Domino?

NSFDB2 is dead, or at least, isn’t going to be resuscitated, according to Bob Picciano himself. In the Press briefing, he was asked where it was going, and he confirmed that it’s going nowhere. The difficulties of managing Notes unstructured data in a structured storage backend are too great. Instead, and this is the good news, the effort is being refocussed on making NSF truly great as the best, and only way, to store and manage Notes data using the best that IBM have to maintain and improve NSF. The way that came over was very, very clear and the implications are very clear. NSF is the backbone of Notes and Domino, and Notes and Domino are the backbone, the centre, the flagship of the Lotus collaboration portfolio.

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