Rapid Response

This was fast. As soon as I posted a comment on vowe´s openBC posting, I received a message from openBC staff. They invited me for a beta test of the new sync tool they will provide soon. I am really impressed about the way they take care of suggestions and customer responses.

A few months ago I wrote about my openBC experience and compared it with Plaxo. They guys from Plaxo read blogs too, and they posted a reply immediatly. Unlike Plaxo – which does not provide Lotus Notes integration in the basic services as promised – openBC does. And the new sync tool is great. It allows you not only to sync against Lotus Notes and Outlook and automatically update changed data of your contacts. It provides SyncML capabilities with an configuration script sent to your mobile phone – no manual configuration necessary, all contacts up to date. My new Nokia Communicator 9300 synced immediatly – while Treo 650 is not supported. Yet.

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