Plazes Sneak Preview

Plazes Sneak Preview

Felix invited some Plazes users to test the next generation of Plazes. First, UI looks much better now. I liked the old design, but I was not able to find information I was looking for right on one click. Second, I like the new Web Plazer. Now you can plaze yourself from the web frontend, no need for the Plazer. You simply login on Plazes website and plaze yourself. Third, Plazes goes Twitter. When you plaze yourself on the Plazes website you can answer two questions: Where are you? And what are you doing there? I realy don´t see any value in using a Twitter-like tool yet. But it seems this could be fun.

Another interesting new feature: You can not only register and enter your current Plazes, you can plazes yourself on plazes you will visit in the near future.

Finaly Plazes will get a new claim: Right Plaze, Right People, Right Time. Am I wrong or is this claim not really invented by Plazes?

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