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Since I was pointed to the Plazes service back in 2005 I was very enthusiastic about this idea. I wrote about it. I invited lots of friends. I used it every day.

Since the Plazes team updated the web frontend (which I like) and the Plazer I am getting tired of all the problems. The new plazer is still buggy, it still crashes or hangs when changing locations, especially when using a proxy. There is still no simple buddy list like in the old Plazer. Yes, Stefan, I know the answers. We are working on it. And rumours say you are working on something really big. But adding the people radar and the web plazer to your site is not the solution!

The point is: I don´t even want to think about plazing myself. Like in the old days the Plazer should detect my location, submit it to the Plazes services, and thats it. No user interaction, no web login, just a silent task in the background. If it is a new location, a popup notifies me and I enter the new location data – like in the good old days. Doesn´t work now anymore.

Today after my third restart of the Plazer I looked at my buddylist: 27 contacts, most of them inactive users since many months. There must be a reason for it.

I know you guys at Plazes are really busy. But you should better communicate what you are working on – and give the Win32 Plazer users back their hope before they leave.

Update: 24 hours later I received an updated Plazer. There seemed to be a problem with the Skype integration. Thanks for the fast response!

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