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Just a few weeks ago I discovered Geobloggers – and started tagging some of my pictures on flickr manualy. Until yet Geobloggers did not pick up the rest of my pictures via the RSS feed, but they are working on it. Meanwhile Steve has published a script that automates the tagging of pictures, based on the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox. So lets wait for Europe beeing available in Google Maps – in the meantime my European pictures will still remain right in the middle of nowhere.

There is another service I discovered while reading about geotagging. Plazes , the „navigation system for your social live“, is a cool site that allows users to register access points to physical locations. Plazes will come out with a flickr integration, featuring automated adding of geo-coordinates from the Plazes Launcher and annotating it to your pictures.

In addition, Plazes has just added a tracking features that uses IndyJunior maps to visualize where you’ve been based on locations from which you have logged into Plazes. The result is a documentation of my current trips through Germany:

Well, this feature is really funny – but it scares me too. The vision of 1984 was the total control by the government. In 2005 we can see very clear: Its not the government. We give away our data without beeing forced – and very often we do it unsolicited and voluntarily.

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