Sittin´on the dock of the bay


Two years ago our „After-Lotusphere-Trip“ ended up in Anna Maria island, where we found a beautifull place at the Cedar Cove and watched the Pelicans for a few days.

This year we stranded in Boca Grande. And this is an unbelievable place. A small village with about 2500 citizens, no MacDonalds, no shopping malls. One hotel, one bakery, a few small shops. Nothing more.

Today we rented bicycles and drove down to the south end where the old lighthouse stands since more than 100 years. We were sitting on the dock of the bay watching the pelicans and the dolphins. And tonight we had the first really delicious dinner since we stayed in the US. What a wonderfull and extraordinary experience.

We could stay a few days more before we return to cold and dark Germany.

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