Pearl turned into a Skypephone

My Blackberry Pearl was turned into a Skypephone today – thanks to iSkoot. Installation without any problems (unlike Widsets, which still drives my crazy on the Pearl). Buddylist and chat is available. And you can place calls as well. But via GPRS in the e-Plus network in Germany? Not really. Tried it, called a friend who was available, excellent voice quality – not possible with this small bandwith. And indeed these calls are NOT VoIP calls.

The mobile Skype calls on the Pearl are basically GSM phone calls, since it’s the iSkoot service which is powering them. They are GSM calls from the phone to the iSkoot server, which then cannels them over the fixed line internet to Skype. The data connection is only used to show the presence of the Skype buddies. But that is enough for me right now.

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