Notes / Domino 7 Beta 3 Features

The new Beta 3 will be released soon. Information about the new release here.

And talking about the future of Notes, Ed Brill linked to the Ken Bisconti Interview:

„Upcoming changes to Notes will mark the first significant steps in Notes‘ evolution from the premier client experience among IBM Lotus software offerings to the premier client experience in IBM Workplace, the client side of IBM’s next-generation software portfolio. So Notes isn’t being replaced by IBM Workplace; it’s becoming part of IBM Workplace, and it’s here to stay. …

Going forward Notes will support not only IMAP and LDAP and other established standards,“ says Bisconti, „but also an expanded programming model that supports Java and J2EE and emerging standards like Eclipse and SyncML. Eclipse support alone will open the Notes rich client run-time to millions of programmers who haven’t previously developed Notes applications. It’s just one example of how Notes will leverage open-source software in business-supported mode, to expand application possibilities for our customers and business solution vendors.“

Good to see the strategy evolving. I use this chart a lot these days. We will cover this on our Workplace Roadshow in February.

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