Notes 8 Beta 3 on Ubuntu

I had some trouble installing Lotus Notes 8 Beta 3 these days – like some other testers. Deinstalled Notes Beta 2 with the uninstaller.bin, installed the new Beta 3, rebooted – nothing happend. The start icons seemed to be dead links.

I did this several times, cleaned the data directory and everything that was left from old installs. But the new Beta 3 did not work at all.

Finally, I setup a new clean Ubuntu workstation and installed Lotus Notes 8 on the clean machine. Same effect. All icons appeared, but a click on each icon leads to… nothing.

Meanwhile I changed my semi-production Linux machine which I started using a few weeks ago for my office work and decided to continue now with the Windows XP install.

Today a smart guy told me to rename the „lotus“ folder in the home directoy of my Ubuntu machine. Interestingly all folders under „lotus“, including the data directory, were empty.

Then I started Lotus Notes 8. The lotus folder and all its content was rebuild, Lotus Notes started up – and runs perfect as far as I can see. Even the font problems on the clean install are gone. So next week I will change back to the Ubuntu machine and test, if the new beta is as robust on Linux as on Windows.

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