Nokia buys Plazes

When I first discovered Plazes back in 2005 I immediatly liked the idea of a „navigation system for your social life„. I became a kind of heavy user and blogged many times about my Plazes experience. Meanwhile Plazes logged 175 places I have visted all over the world and tons of activities. It has become a huge map of my social life. But unfortunately many users from my buddylist disappeared in the last year, some stopped using Plazes at all, and lots of other companies seem to be out there ready to start similar services.

Now today in the morning Plazes announced a deal with Nokia. Nokia acquires Plazes. Congratulations, Plazes Team! I love this news not only because I like the idea of Plazes but because you are a Berlin based company.

I hope we will see now fresh innovation, a new fresh Plazes which is in Beta now – and a new Plazer 🙂

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