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Yes, its not really a brandnew device and vowe wrote nearly everything about it. But the Treo 750v is new to my collection of mobile devices. I received the Treo 750v in the right time when I started to think about throwing away my Treo 650 and reactivate the Communicator. The Treo 650 rebooted several times a day and I knew I would have to do a hard reset and reinstall all my stuff.

I like the look and feel of the new Treo 750v. I don´t like Windows Mobile very much, but its much better than old Microsoft powered smartphones. I made some bad experiences in the past.

Battery life is most annoying. You can not travel without a charger. Choosing between sync solution lets you choose between poor battery life and even worse battery life. Using Blackberry Connect is much better for battery life then Onebridge oder Pylon but it only syncs e-mails and calendar entries with Lotus Notes. As an IBM partner you would say: Just download IBM Easysync from the software catalogue, sync you contacts once in a while and not wirelesse – thats it.

So I tried to use Easysync. I received an error message with no description at all. I did some search and found this IBM announcement. With access to the IBM Software Catalogue I tried to find te new version 4.2.4 which should support Windows Mobile 5. Browsing through the IBM Software Catalogue I found version 4.2.4 for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003, but only 4.2.3 for Windows XP. This is IBM. I will ask my friends from iAnywhere for a Version of XTND Connect, which IBM sells as Easysync.

Anyway. I will keep the Treo 750v for a while. Like on all Windows platforms you will get error message like „services.exe crashed in module xyz. Send error report to Microsoft yes/no“. This sounds very familiar to me.

And if someone would like to send me a Pearl – just do it 🙂

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