New Skype Release for Windows

Since caused several problems on my Thinkpad, I changed back to, which worked fine. Hope they fixed the login problems with XPSP2.

Changelog 21.10.2004 version
  • feature: addressbar auto-completion with contactlist names
  • feature: addressbar now accepts fullname for calling
  • feature: adding a new SkypeOut number to Contacts from Call tab
  • feature: Skype API
  • change: updated many language files
  • change: when adding a contact, click Next in Finished dialog takes to first screen and empties the userhandle editbox
  • bugfix: if Language Editor is open in background, but somewhere in the back, choosing from menu „Tools -> Edit Skype Language File“ will bring this window in front
  • bugfix: Start Tab content was not displayed if connection was made „too quickly“
  • bugfix: calltab is correctly updated if 2nd call drops off the conference during conference hold
  • bugfix: IM: commas do not brake links anymore
  • bugfix: tooltips containing a pipe symbol are now displayed correctly
  • bugfix: addressbar history dropdown items can be deleted with ‚del‘
  • bugfix: contactlist/callhistory tooltip is capable of displaying unicode
  • bugfix: adding existing SkypeOut contacts to Contacts correctly disabled in call
  • …..

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