My little Linux diary – continued

I stopped using my new platform for a few days. Meanwhile my Linux experts fixed the performance problem by simply changing the network adapter hardware. For some reason the built in adapter slowed down Fedora after upgrading to the latest Fedora release.

As I tried to use Sametime with Firefox on my Fedora machine I realized there was no Java Runtime Environment installed. Tried it, failed several times, did not understand all that instructions and the different package types I read about in the forums – and gave up. Upgrade to Firefox 2.0? Failed too.

Suddenly my Linux expert said: Why not install Ubuntu, that might help for stupid „educated by Windows“ users like me. But we failed last time, I asked. No problem, this was Ubuntu 6.10, now we have 7.04, he answered.

And indeed installation went through without problems. No manual
upgrades, OpenOffice 2.2 is preinstalled as well as Firefox 2.0. Next step is Lotus Notes 8 Beta 2.

After installing the software package I tried to start Lotus Notes. „Notes.ini not found“. Seems to be a known problem. Ubuntu uses dash, other distributions use bash. Whatever that means. The solution is simple and self explaining:

Uninstall Notes
Open a terminal window
cd /bin
sudo rm sh
sudo ln -s bash sh

Uninstall Notes? How can I do this. Finally found the deinstall script and executed it (opt/ibm/lotus/notes/_uninst). Followed all the instructions above – and voila. Notes 8 Beta 2 on Linux is there again. Because Ubuntu 7.04 comes preinstalled with the compiz extensions (do not ask my what it is, simply accept you need it) I was now able to see bookmarks and application tabs – even if they look a little bit strange.

So now it was time to change my main office system and connect the Ubuntu machine to my 1920*1200 flatpanel. First problem: Ubuntu detected the right monitor while installing, but it does not detect my new larger display. 1024*768 resolution is not what you want on a big screen. How to change it I asked. No problem, simply edit the xconf file. Ah, ok, no problem. Gave up after a few tries. Luckily my knowledgable colleague gave up too and recommended: Just reinstall Ubuntu whith the big screen connected.

Argh. Again I thought about giving it up. Installed Ubuntu again, maximum resoultion is now 1600*1200. I still have no idea how to make the right resolution work. After reinstalling Notes 8 I have now additional problems with fonts in Notes. Message boxes, Mails, and workspace elements are now displayed with monospaced Courier fonts. Looks pretty bad.

So I spent several hours on several days again with that. Still hope I can use it as a production machine for me. But for now I will have a break and work again.

Update: Solved the font problem. Just install ttf-xfree86-nonfree.

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