Djemaa el Fna

I have been at this place more than 20 years ago. I traveled Morocco with an old VW Bully. 20 years ago we drove down to the south over the Atlas mountains to the dessert. Back then we saw all the King´s cities – Fez, Meknes, Rabat and of course Marrakech, which was one of the most impressive stays we had in Morocco on our tour.

And now years later we returned. It was much more fascinating like it was the first time. This time we did not just visit the old town – we lived in this town with the people of Marrakech for a few days. We stayed in a wonderful old riad, a traditional house right in the middle of the medina. The people at Riyad El Cadi were so friendly and helpful, they made our vacation an outstanding experience. Thanks to Sofia and her colleagues! I promised to recommend the house, so this is it 🙂

So even it was only a few days without mobile phone, without e-Mail, Twitter and all that stuff I have the feeling I can get used to it.

I already miss the call for prayer by the muezzins while sitting on the roof terrace, looking over the city to the Atlas mountains and enjoying olives and a good reading.

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