Mail.App font issue

Since I changed to Mail.App on Mac OSX recipients of my mails complained about my e-mail style. And indeed, looking at my text on an other clients, it looks very unprofessional.

Obviously other mail clients like Lotus Notes or Outlook display my mails in Times New Roman. It does not matter if you would go to your “Preferences” and set “Message Font” to Arial. The message body text on the recipients client remains Times New Roman.

So there is obviously no way in to set the default font and size which will be seen by all recipients at the other end. You have to do it for each message separately (or use a stationery). It´s a well known problem, and its widely discussed for years as you can when you search the web.

No, it´s not a problem of the recipients client. No, I can not tell my clients to change to Mac OSX – even if I would like them to change to Mac. This is annoying and I would like to know, if there is any solutions out there thats fixes that problem.

Update: It seems I am not alone:

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