LotusLive just partly live

Yesterday I registered for LotusLive and played around with it. I liked the interface, I registered my company and myself as a user. Worked well.

Today I wanted to try the other stuff that was shown in this mornings keynote. And it failed. Tried to open the file library. It took more than 20 minutes to open it. Then I tried to upload a file. Failed. So I tried to test the Instant Messaging capabilities:


Hmmm. OK, I have no Lotus Sametime client on my Macbook, so the only other way to use LotusLive Instant Messaging is the download option. This is what you get:


Imagine 160 MB download in this conferences WLAN. Looking at the URL, I know I will receive a Win32 only installer in the zip-file.

There seems to be some work to do.

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