Lotus Notes, 15 Years ago

This is a great story about the Lotus Notes release 1.0 from December 1989.

Love at first sight. Notes is ideal for unstructured data that nonetheless can be categorized in a multitude of ways, that can be displayed at different levels of detail, but that can’t be averaged, summarized or consolidated. This approach seemed natural to Sheldon Laube, the now-famous man who bought 10,000 copies of Notes for Price Waterhouse.

The base price for Notes was $62,500, which included software for 200 machines in any combination of servers and user workstations; additional machines cost $295 each. And at this time, direct sale-only was Lotus entry strategy. Good for us and for Lotus, they changed the strategy. As IBM acquired Lotus, the partner channel was one of the key assets. There is no brand in the IBM Software Group with such large number of very loyal partners like the Lotus brand. We have been one of these partners for 10 years now.

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