Location awarness – where is it gone?

Can you see it? No, you can´t see it because it is gone. Since Lotus Notes 8 is gold the location information displayed in the Sametime 7.5.1 plugin is gone.

I checked the ND8 forum and found one possible answer: Location information will only be displayed when working with a Lotus Sametime 7.5x server. So I went to my admin and asked him to upgrade asap. But the answer was: we are allready on Sametime 7.5.1.

Interesting enough: Because I entered the geolocation information while using Lotus Notes 8 beta 3 the gold release now changes my location as expected. And if I am at a new location a popup notifies me about a new location. Unfortunatly I can not enter the new location information, because this feature is disabled.

Today I came across this table in the Knowledgebase:

So this is not a technical problem. It´s a problem of licensing. But why?

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