Kirk to Enterprise

Reading about the latest Siemens device on Gizmodo I dreamed of beeing – no, not John Malkovich but Captain Kirk. Siemens has developed a sweet little wearable, Bluetooth-based badge that lets you speak commands to control your house, talk to others in your house and accept and conduct phone calls. Thats pretty cool. Imagine the sweet voice of Nurse Chapel while you are in your home office „Enterprise to Kluge – dinner is served“. And you just touch this little communicator button: „Kluge to Enterpise, beam me up – I will be there in just a few seconds.“

And if you think your device should not only have the Enterprise feeling but the Enterprise look this might be your choice:

This prototype of a ‚Star Trek‘ communicator that uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly tap into your cell phone sold recently on eBay.

The maker claims a 10 meter radius to your phone is all you need to receive incoming calls, and you can carry on a conversation comfortably with even holding the device a few feet in front of you.

Just like Captain Kirk.

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