iPhone support for Lotus Notes

So now it is official after the news leaked yesterday even before „Blogger´s Nachos & News Event„: IBM will implement ActiveSync protocol into Lotus Traveler. Timeframe is „this year“, which means end of 2009. So this is late, very late, but I do not want to complain too much. Finally IBM listened after last years IBM bashing.

With the implementation of ActiveSync they did it the right way. Now they could probably support Windows Mobile devices through active sync. And the question comes up why there are now two seperate ways of supporting Windows Mobile devices – SyncML and ActiveSync? Well, this all seems to be early stage, and we will see what we get end of the year. The new Traveler with ActiveSync will be integrated into the Domino 8.5 code stream. If customers want to enable iPhone sync they have to upgrade or at least setup one Domino 8.5 sync server as far as I understood.

For the Lotus Notes end user setting up his iPhone will be a strange experience:
He probably will have to choose Microsoft Exchange to enable sync with his Domino server. Can not imagine Apple adding other vendors to that list.

All in all a late but very good decision by IBM. I know many customers and especially executives who will love that announcment – if they be patient till end of the year.

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