iPhone – my first 24 Hours

These are my first 24 hour remarks for my iPhone 3G.

What I like:

  • The iPhone feels great in your hand. And it looks good – the coolest mobile device ever.
  • User experience is the best I have ever had on a mobile device – and I had a lot of devices.
  • Browsing the web is also the best I ever experienced on a mobile device
  • PIM Apps are very easy to use – I like!
  • App Store: Great idea, installed many usefull app.
  • What I don´t like:

  • Battery life is the worse I can remember of any mobile devices I had. How bad is this! Within 8 hours the battery lost 3/4 of its power. No WIFI on. No Bluetooth. Not one phone call! And the battery is red. I know, I have to turn off GPS and 3G, but hey: this is an iPhone 3G!
  • No Copy&Paste? Can this be true? Maybe I missed something.
  • The keyboard: I like the idea, but I was not able to type any word without having to correct it or let the iPhone suggest the right spelling. It takes me double time to type an email compared to a Blackberry Pearl – and I am not talking about a full keyboard device like the Blackberry Bold. Using the visual keyboard in landscape mode would probably help hitting the right key, but this seems to be not supported.
  • And finally syncing. I am still a Windows user. I have still most of my PIM data in Lotus Notes. I don´t want to complain about the bad iPhone support in Notes again. But as a user of Google Apps I expected my iPhone to support the PIM data I am holding there.

  • Mail: No problem. Enabled IMAP, works fine.
  • Calendar? Nope. So I tried NuevaSync, a service that uses the iPhone´s Exchange connectivity to sync Google Calendar. It seems to work.
  • Contacts: Tried to sync with my google account. Results are terrible. Still have to find out why field mapping is so bad. Reimported my contacts to my Google Apps account, iPhone did not pick up any of the new contacts. Google does provide a real bad import routine, and iPhone does not sync properly. So this is useless for me now.
  • Will further look into this the next days.

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