How many mobile phones did you own?

Volker asks the question „how many mobile phones did you own?„. I started to count and expected something like 15- not counting demo equipement that I receive from time to time. But it is definetly more.

So here is a short list of mobile devices I owned and I remember of:

Ericsson GH172 (a heavy brick)
Ericsson GH197
Ericsson GF198 (fitted in some of my pockets 😉
Ericsson GF337
Ericsson T28s (very cool at that time)
Ericsson R320s
Nokia 8110i (yes, the MATRIX phone)
Nokia 5110
Nokia 7110
Nokia 8810 (small, cool, expensive)
Nokia 8850 (even more expensive)
Nokia 6310 (cheap, robust, unsexy)
Nokia 6230 (cheap, robust, my first camera phone – my son owns it now)
Nokia Communicator 9300 (very slow, but at that time one of my favourite Smartphones)
Motorola StarTac (cool, but scrap)
Motorola Timeport P7389 (my first TriBand phone, bought it only for a Lotusphere)
Siemens S25
Siemens S35 (my first phone with software crashes – without Windows installed!)
Siemens S40 (formerly a Bosch product)
HP iPaq 6300 (did not like it)
Palm Treo 600 (loved it, from this time on I skipped my separate Palm devices and stayed with SmartPhones)
Palm Treo 650 (loved it even more)
Panasonic EB-GD90 (don´t want to talk about it)
Blackberry 8100 (perfect smartphone, using it now for more than over a year)
Blackberry 8800 (still use it from time to time)

Well, thats a pretty long list. Starting 1991 thats more than one phone per year. And I am sure I forgot some devices.

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