Happy Birthday, Lotus Notes!

Network World Fusion celebrates the 15th Birthday of Lotus Notes on December 7th. Iris Associates, the software development company from whence Notes emerged – on the Lotus dime – was founded five years earlier to the day.

For me it is the 10th birthday getting in touch with this technology. As we started Kluge & Partner in 1994, I had no idea of what Lotus Notes will mean to me. In 1993 we first started with a Notes 2.x Version, and we went productiv with Notes 3 on Novell Netware 3 Server. A funny experience – three guys with no IT background discovering the power of collaborative software tools. Its been a great experience till today – and hopefully for the next years.

But as Ray Ozzie says in this interview:

„I’m passionate about computer-supported cooperative work, writ large. I hope when people are asking about Lotus Notes that that is really what they’re talking about.“

Its not about Lotus Notes, its not about the software, the brandname and the technology. The real thing was transforming our business. For me the way of working together changed completly with Notes, but we had to open our minds and to change our behavior of sharing knowledge within the organization. Unfortunatly many „Notes-Shops“ still use it as an e-Mail and Calendaring Tool. They never realized the power behind that technology. So there is still lots of space for improvement.

Read some more interesting thoughts on Lotus Notes at Ed Brill.

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