Google Sync for „sture Böcke“

So someone who thinks I am a „sturer Bock“ considers this task an easy job: Keep your Google Contacts in sync with Mac adress book on MacBook and iMac as well with iPhone.

So what do we have:

1. Google Sync for your iPhone. Works good, still does not sync every field in my contact form and maps phone numbers to wrong labels – but it works.

2. Sync Mac OS X adress book with Google. Works even better than the wireless sync.

The task is now to keep MacBook, iMac and iPhone in sync. If you read the details for the Mac OS X sync, you will find an important statement:

To try it, go to the Address Book menu, choose Preferences, and then check Synchronize with Google. It’ll ask for your Google account and password, then automatically update your contacts every time you sync your iPhone.

This means if you enable Google Sync in your adress book preferences, adress book will be synced when you sync your iPhone via iTunes with your machine. First problem: I have two machines, and you have to sync your iPhone now from time to time with MacBook and iMac. Second: If you have enabled the Google Sync wireless sync on your iPhone, you have to set back the iTunes sync in your iTunes client to sync adresses localy. After this you have to reenable Exchange sync on your iPhone.

Well, I might be a „sturer Bock“ or a greenhorn, but I can not see a workaround for this.

Second: If I am right, I hope Apple will fix this and let me sync Mac OS X adress book with Google contacts directly.

Update: Just tried SpanningSync. Worked like a charme.

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