Good news about DAOS

Chris Miller writes about his experience with the new Domino Attachment Object Store (DAOS).

It works, right out of the box folks. […] The benefits of usage and savings were staggering in the on disk sizes. Savings were in the 40-50% range right now. Here is the good news many people are missing. It is not shared mail in any way. it uses new NLO (Notes Large Object) file types and the darn thing works across ANY freaking database that shares the attachment and is enabled for DAOS.

I just stumbled upon Chris posting because I had exactly this discussion with a customer today. Back in the old days he enabled „Shared Mail“. It was one the darkest days in his history as he was not able to rebuild the references after a server crash and hundreds of users tried to kill him. Even IBM found no way to fix it and the IBM rep told him afterwards: „Nobody really uses that feature in real life, we built that because Exchange has it“.

So hopefully this time it will work in any freaking environment with any freaking database. I fear there are lots of customers who remember and will not trust.

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