Frozen iPod

I really don´t know what I have done wrong. My little gadget turned into a frozen iPod mini while listing to this great song. The display still showed the last song, but nothing happend touching any of the buttons. I have no idea why an iPod should crash – but finally: it´s software, stupid.

Trained by numerous resets on my palm and mobile phone devices I searched for the reset button. But: There is no reset button. So if you ever come to the point where Naomi sings the last lines of „Curious“ and your iPod freezes while you are diving into the music – don´t panic. Here is the solution:

1 Connect iPod mini to a power outlet using the iPod Power Adapter.
2 Toggle the Hold switch on and off (set it to Hold, then turn it off again).
3 Press and hold the Menu and Select buttons for at least 6 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

That´s it. And now back to music…

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