Froy-Der, Sher-Ner Getter-Foon-Ken

Benjamin Zander @ Lotusphere

Lotusphere ended with a remarkable Closing Session. I have seen just one other guest speaker on my 11 Lotuspheres that fascinated the crowd like Benjamin Zander this afternoon. Like Patrick Stewart a few years ago people were really touched when Benjamin Zander spoke and sang with us – and made 3.000 Lotusphere attendees sing „Freude, schöner Götterfunken“, most of them not speaking one word of german. He is a fantastic speaker and motivator. Lots of things he said will be on my mind traveling now to the gulf coast.

Ode to Joy for Non-Germany

Lotusphere was great. Still have to think about what the things coming up will mean to me. But now to something completly different…

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