Flat Pack arrived

There it is. I had to wait for a few weeks for the flat pack. The new Lenovo X300 is flat, indeed. But even if many reviews compare it to Apple´s MacBook Air, it feels like it is bigger and heavier a lot. I migrated today from an Thinkpad X60 to the new X300. The X300 is significantly wider. Good for working with the excellent keyboard, but bad for my small bag.

Some other experiences from this afternoon: The X300 has no PCMCIA slot anymore. Not realy a surprise you would say. But after I installed my UMTS card software package I tried to insert the card – and so I found out what I would know if I had read the specs. No slot. OK, have to order a USB card.

The rest of the day I had to fight with Windows Vista. The X300 comes with Vista, of course. Some of my colleagues recommended to downgrade immediatly to XP, some not. I decided to keep Vista and to learn how to live with it. So it was a big hazzle for me, dealing with that new filesystem, finding my files, getting the WLAN with Vista to work with my old Draytek Vigor router (-> very helpful link), removing some Bluetooth permissions for receiving vcards with Lotus Notes (slowed down the X300 so I was nearly about to throw it out of the window), and so on.

Now everything is fine. Some will say „better buy a Mac“. Yes, I will. Some will say, „if you realy want an X300, buy a Raven„. No, I prefer Ubuntu on my Desktop – running now Lotus Notes 8.5 public beta with official Ubuntu 8.04 support 🙂

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