Filesharing and synchronizing

I am using Foldershare, a peer-to-peer service for synchronizing files, since years. It does a good job for some usecases at the borderline between my private and my professional life. In my professional life I have Lotus Notes and Quickr, we never used Foldershare.

In the last weeks I had some occasional looks to other services providing help in organizing files online. I tested and ran into several problems. It has a Java client and caused some conflicts on my machine. When it was up and running, was down for days. OK, its beta, but they should call it alpha at this time. Finally, it did not work from within our corporate network, because it needs specific ports.

Last week I received another invitation for Dropbox. I have been told several times that Dropbox is actualy the best service out there for filesharing – and indeed: it is well designed, works without any problem, everywhere, on Mac, Win and Linux. From my first tests I can say: I like it.

If anyone needs an invitation code for Dropbox, just leave a comment.

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