Just returned from vacation. Lotus Notes 8 finally arrived. Even before I started to clean up my mailbox I installed Notes 8 on my Ubuntu machine and on my WinXP Laptop. Everything went fine. Uninstalled the last beta, installed the new stuff – no problems so far.

I am working with Notes 8 since eight months now. Its a a huge step forward from my point of view. Looking at the discussion about the overloaded UI I have to say: To compare a fat client like Lotus Notes, which is able to do anything you want for your daily collaboration but nothing in a „perfect“ way, with a set of small applications where each of it is only good for one task is a little bit unfair. I will work in my corporate life with an integrated „fat“ client the next years and not with a set of different small apps.

Looking back at the overloaded UI of former versions Notes 8 looks unbelievable good. I showed this to somebody who worked with Notes a few years ago, and he asked me: Is this realy Lotus Notes? He could not believe that the designers finally made Lotus Notes look „sexy“. So I am happy with it. Lets see how fast our customers will adopt it.

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