eBay Account Hijacking

[ad name=“ad-2″]I always thought this would never happen to me. Always talking about security, password protection, encryption and all that stuff I never was affected personally. Well, today things changed. I tried to open my eBay account, and access was denied. Checking my emails I found a message titled „Conferma della modifica della password“. Looking at my eBay page I see now my last offerings:

So some italian mafiosi hijacked my eBay account. Why? They try to sell Xboxes. Obviously these Xboxes will never find its way to the customer, and the money unfortunatly will not find the way to my bank account.

So how does eBay care about this? You will not have the chance to communicate directly with eBay. Unlike for credit card companies or banks you will not find a service number to block your eBay account. Instead you have to call the service number of eBay and you will get charged 0,59 Euro per minute. Do I have to mention you have to wait in line for about 10 minutes? Do I have to mention that the help desk can not do anything right now, and they will call you back within an hour? Do I have to mention that this call is 6 hours overdue and the first auction ends in 2 hours – and someone will be really upset spending his money for something he will never get from me.

Update: I just learned something new about identity thiefs. Often the victims are told to pay nothing until they receive the product they purchased. The mafiosi uses the victim’s name and a credit card number belonging to another person to purchase the item at a legitimate site.

Once the item is shipped, the victim then authorizes his credit card to be billed or sends payment directly to the scammer. The scammer has now put you in the position of being in receipt of stolen merchandise while they get away with your money.

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