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The end of the Compact Disc

So this is the end. The end of the Compact Disc. At least in my home. Tonight I finished ripping the last few CDs left on my desk. I did that work continiously the last months while doing some serious work in my homeoffice. I did that job with much more enthusiasm since SONOS came into my life. Music is now completely digital, even in my car with an iPod dock. I don´t play any CD anymore.

Many years ago I sold my turntable equipement. I sold lots of vinyl on ebay. And made unexpected money with it. But what about the CDs? I guess there is no market for it. Life is digital now. And the SONOS makes it so easy to cope with that. So good bye, dear CD.

Update: I am not alone. „We don’t need no stinkin‘ CDs

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