Delta Rapid Response System

That´s fast. Today I received this e-Mail as an answer to the complaint I posted on the Customer Care site of

Dear Mr. Kluge,

I was sorry to learn about the delay of your lugggage during your travel
to Florida.

Delta´s policy for interim expenses allows the consideration of
out-of-pocket expenses, following a 24-hour delay away from residence
city, at the rate of $25.00 per day/per person, up to a maximum of five
days. If you have receipts for interim expenses that you would like to
have reviewed, please send those to us at the address below. Thank you
for your cooperation.

So Delta needs one and a half month to response to my complaints. And they offer nothing new to me. Still want to get my 180 bucks back from Delta. No, I don´t give up. No cooperation. No.

Update: Just answered to their e-Mail and received this message immediatly back:

Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us. We appreciate
every opportunity to listen to our customers and act upon what we hear.
Our response to your e-mail may take a little longer than usual due to
the high number of customers who have contacted us recently. In the
meantime, thanks for your patience.

Patience – thats what you need indeed dealing with Delta Customer Care.

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