Dead Pearl

A few days ago I switched back from the Blackberry 8800 to my old Pearl. The 8800 helped with its built in GPS a lot during my vacation, but it is way too clumsy to win my best-PDA-ever-Award.

Unfortunatly the Pearl died today. No error message, no reboot possible. Removed batteries, put it in again. Still dead. The display stays dark. Just the red light indicates, that there is life on board of my Pearl. The light flashes three times in a row. Pause. Then two flashes again. Pause. And again. A kind of secret message? Morse code?

Does anybody know what that means? And is there any chance to get my pictures back which are stored on the device?

Update: Volker sent me a possible solution. But like in this case it did not help. The Pearl is dead. I will return it to customer service and will ask for a replacement 😉

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