The Chandler Project

Today I read this articel from the Boston Globe about Open Source projects entering the market – following the success of Firefox. And there I noticed for the first time the project called Chandler by Lotus founder Mitch Kapor:

„At the same time, the Open Source Applications Foundation, headed by Lotus Development Corp. founder Mitchell Kapor, is moving forward on a next-generation e-mail/calendar program, code-named Chandler, designed to enhance computing collaboration by expressing more meaningful relationships between different categories of data. Chandler is targeting its 1.0 version for late this year or early next year“

I never heard about this project before. Yes, I learned today the discussion in forums and blogs about Chandler has been around for two years. I simply have not read it.

After reading the post of Mitch and the specs at the Chandler site I think it is definetly worth to look at. Lotus Development built Agenda and Lotus Notes, so Kapor understands Personal Information Management better than most others. Chandler is not only a personal information manager (PIM), but the tool is a general information manager that is contextually aware.

So I think we should keep an eye on that project.

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