Blackberry Connect on Treo 650

Blackberry Connect for Treo finally has been released.

What it does: It provides push mail, and it works great. But I had many problems syncing my Lotus Notes calendar. Opening the calendar freezed the Treo completly – tried it with several configurations. Setting up the initial Blackberry connection without syncing the device via cradle finally worked. Calendar entries now come in wireless.

What it does not: It does not sync the adress book. I am using Lotus Notes for managing my contact list, so I would need a separate sync tool – bad idea. My Nokia 9300 syncs with Lotus Notes via the cradle – no additional software needed. Using iAnywhere software on the Treo, contacts even sync wireless.

Second: Because of limitations of the Palm´s calendar app, I am not able to invite people to meetings. iAnywhere fixed that in the separate mail-application, and on the Nokia 9300 its a build in feature. This also makes me unhappy.

Some reported problems switching the internet connection for web browsing. For me it worked well.

I will test the Blackberry Connect for Treo for a short time. What I still like is the speed of the Treo compared to the slow performance of the Nokia device. But the contacts and calendar limitations will probably lead my way back to the Nokia 9300.

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