Back from Hannover

Finally arrived home from Hannover. Three days full of meetings, networking, information sharing, gathering, eating, drinking and having fun. A few things I took with me from Hannover

  • I am really enthusiastic about a few screenshots. Project „Hannover“ is definetly the top news I took home. Lotus Notes will be reborn within the Eclipse Client – or should I say Lotus Notes will become a grown-up on its 18th birthday? Finally the UI designers get it done – it looks great!
  • The activity centric approach becomes clearer with every new product in the Workplace family. I like this idea very much from the beginning – and my customers will like it now, too.
  • IBM has great offerings to enable partners like us in the new technology. We will call on that, definetly.
  • The Lotus, oh no, the IBM guys were in an amazing good mood. Everybody seems to be very confident about finally having found the right way to a new strategy and a new collaborative toolset, that adds value to the Notes/Domino portfolio – and does not replace anything that has grown for years.
  • Ambuj Goyal was very laid-back. Very very laid-back. He did a great job rebuilding the trust in the Lotus product portfolio. And you can feel his satisfaction reading the positive feedback in the press and analysts statements.

By the way: Ambuj reads blogs every day, he told me. So Ambuj, if you read this, thanks for the great dinner 😉

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